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Award and Opening of the Open-Air- Exhibition on February 16 2014 C/O Berlin - Hardenbergstrasse 22-24 in Front of Amerika-Haus in Berlin


C/O Berlin 


C/O Berlin + Berlinale: Show us your picture of the Berlinale! It seems like an easy task but it’s harder than you might think. 13 young photographers were given the assignment of presenting their personal view of the 64th Berlinale on the glamorous film stars, audience impressions, or secrets. With a special accreditation, the participants had the opportunity to try out their skills as professional photojournalists every day from 6th to 16th February 2014 at the Red Carpet and at a variety of special events. Each photographer has decided on a theme, embarked on a search for motifs, selected images, and put together a series of works for exhibition. Latest results will presented on every day. 


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