Urban Intervention Award Berlin 2013




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Opening of the Exhibition December-9-2013 at "Alte Zollgarage", Platz der Luftbrücke  -  Berlin



The Urban Intervention Award Berlin, which was presented for the first time in 2010 on a European level by the Senate Department of Urban Development and the Environment Berlin, will, in cooperation with the Deutsche Wohnen AG, be expanded in 2013 to include the new Urban Living Award. 


More Information:     http://stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/aktuell   WEBLINK  


The goal of the Urban Intervention Award Berlin is to contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life in an urban environment. Above all, we wish to recognise the creative development of new urban locations of high architectural quality. In their vital charisma, these projects have an exemplary character for their surroundings, and they were created through innovative and interdisciplinary cooperation between partners from different fields such as culture, architecture, business, initiative groups and social forces, etc. 

The Urban Intervention Award Berlin is intended to bring to the public eye interventions in urban space which contribute substantially to newly defining, revitalising and valorising inner-city neighbourhoods. This can be the case with the transformation and conversion of old buildings as well as with new construction, temporary buildings and installations in the urban space. It is not a matter of achieving architectural effects or an expressive design vocabulary, but of architecture as a stimulator of processes which contribute to transforming a location. 

The prizes will be given to outstanding realised projects which are examples of excellent architecture in conjunction with new innovative concepts of use and/or conversion, and which were developed through cooperation between partners coming from varying fields and disciplines.